102 Camley Street, Camden, London

We designed a 6m deep single basement for this mixed and residential development scheme in Camden, London. The site was adjacent to Network Rail and CTRL rail services and hence a CAT3 check was required to satisfy Network Rail requirements. The section adjacent to the railway line was designed as a 750 mm diameter secant bored pile wall, whilst the rest of the wall was designed as a 750 mm contiguous bored pile wall. We also undertook a CAT3 check on an adjoining section of mini-piled wall installed by another piling contractor at the site.

New Inpatient Facility, Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, London

We designed a contiguous bored pile retaining wall formed from 600 mm diameter piles at 750 mm c/c spacings, retaining up to 6 m of soil adjacent to the new hospital building. We also designed approximately 300 bearing piles with diameters varying between 350 mm and 600 mm which formed the foundations for the new building.

New Development at King Edwards Road, Hillingdon, London

We undertook the ground investigation, geotechnical interpretation and prepared the Basement impact assessment for two build properties in a conservation area in Ruislip, Hillingdon. There are currently very few existing or new developments comprising basements in this area of London, hence liaising with the local authority to agree on the contents of the reports was of paramount importance. The report facilitated the prompt awarding of consent by London Borough of Hillingdon.

Redevelopment at 39 Draper Road, London

We undertook the ground investigation and produced the geotechnical report to assist the structural Engineer in the design of the foundation required for new structures proposed for this site.

Willow Street Hotel, Hackney, London

We undertook the design of a basement for this boutique hotel in Hackney, London. Basement designed as a propped excavation at the request of the main contractor, however, a small section was designed as a cantilever due to plant and phasing restrictions. The basement retaining wall was designed as a 600 mm diameter contiguous wall which was designed to retain 8 m of surrounding soil.

Hartlebury FW Bunker, Worcestershire

We designed the tension and bearing piles and a 9 m deep basement required for this energy to waste scheme. Basement secant piles propped by surrounding ‘picture frame’ slab at ground level during construction, with extra additional propping provide in the long term by the basement base slab. Bearing piles were also designed to carry the proposed superstructure and tension piles designed to resist long-term uplift.

Later Living Development, North Quay Weymouth

We undertook the design of this basement for an undercroft car park for 3 to 4 storey residential property on the Dorset coast. The basement retaining wall was designed as a 450 mm diameter contiguous bore piled wall retaining 4 m of soil.

Deepham STW London

We designed over 3000 plus CFA bearing piles required for Final Settlement Tanks and other associated structures required as part of £180 m upgrade of the Deephams sewage treatment works.

24 to 26 The Minories, Aldgate. London

We undertook the design of basement as part of the redevelopment of an existing site in Aldgate, Central London. The basement was surrounded by existing building on three sides, and by the northern line on the remaining boundary. A combination of 600 mm and 750 mm bored piles were used as a contiguous wall to support retained heights of up to 5.5 m in the temporary case. We also designed selected king post piles which were incorporated in the retaining wall to support the external boundary walls of the surrounding buildings.

Maiden Lane Reservoir Stabilisation Scheme

We undertook the slope stabilisation works associated with remediating the external side slopes of this Victorian water storage reservoir. The stabilisation scheme involved the use of 600 mm diameter piles embedded in the embankment slopes, together with re-profiling of the slope to increase the factor of safety against global failure of the embankments.

Day Care Centre, Draper Road, Enfield, London

We undertook the ground investigation and provided the geotechnical interpretative report required by the Structural engineer to design foundations for this building.

Exeter Road, Bournemouth

We undertook the design of this multiple level basement for this major leisure complex scheme. Most of the basement was designed to cantilever during construction, however, the deeper sections and the sections where wall movements were critical were temporarily propped before roof and basement floor slabs were cast. The retaining wall was designed as a contiguous wall with pile diameters varying between of 450 and 750 mm diameter. The retained height generally varied between 4 and 10 m.

Multiple level basement up to 11 m deep formed using a contiguous bored pile wall in Bournemouth designed by Geofirma Ltd. Note existing retaining wall supporting existing main road located behind new bored pile wall, hence tight deflections necessary to satisfy local authority requirements.